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In an effort to post more and to help share with the rest of the fitness community; I came up with the idea of a 10 question series to spotlight fellow fitness fanatics. This is the first installment of the 10 Questions With… This week I am highlighting Bethany Roley from Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp in Evans, GA. I’ve known Bethany for a couple of years now and have seen how hard she works to empower other women to get fit and stay fit.


Bethany is a wife, mother of 4 children (ages 13, 10, 8 and 21 months), Health Coach, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and owner of Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp in Evans, GA.  Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp is a 6 week outdoor fitness and lifestyle program for women.  The goal of Bikini Fit Camp is to help women to discover their full potential, to teach women to believe that they can do anything they set their mind to,to help them get fit, and change their lifestyle habits in order to live long, healthy lives.  Bethany wants to empower women to make healthy women, to inspire others, and to teach their families how to be healthy.  We are much more than an exercise program.  We want to change your life. You can find Bethany and her instructors at Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp and on Facebook.

On the course of the Augusta Half Marathon and 10k

On the course of the Augusta Half Marathon and 10k

Q1. When did you start Bethany’s Bikini Fit Camp?

I started my very first Fit Camp, although at the time it was called Bikini Boot Camp in May 2007 with 11 girls and 1 location.

Q2. How did you come up with the idea for BBFC?

I knew a lot of women were intimidated by the gym.  I wanted to show women that you do not have to be in the gym to get a good workout.  And I knew women love group fitness.  At the time there were no other outdoor fitness programs in the area and there was nothing for only women.  I was tired of seeing women put every else first, tired of seeing them believe that they were not worthy of being healthy, and tired of seeing them not believe in themselves.  I wanted to change that for them.

Q3. Since starting BBFC, roughly how many women have you seen transform their bodies, their personal image, and self-esteem?

Easily close to 1000 women.

Q4. One excuse we have all heard before is not having enough time in a day to do everything. For all the stay at home moms out there, how do you manage to get in your workout time, instructing classes, and family responsibilities?

My workout time is not an option.  It is not something that I plan to do if I have time at the end of the day.  I schedule it in like any other appointment.  It is a priority to me, not an option. I suggest carving out 30 min – 1 hour out of your day to exercise.  You are not too busy to take care of your health.  You will be a better mother, wife, friend, employee, etc if you take care of yourself. I also believe it is extremely important for mothers to model health and fitness to their children.  It is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

Q5. Beyond the Fit Camp, what other fitness/health related ventures are you doing?

I run in races, especially mud runs, training now for a half marathon.
I’m also Health Coach.  Every 12 weeks I run a life transformation program, I teach women how to change their habits and how to eat well.  We meet as a group every other week.  I am also in the process of creating another program hoping to launch this summer, more details coming soon on that.

Mud Pit at the Ft. Gordon Marine Mud Challenge

Mud Pit at the Ft. Gordon Marine Mud Challenge

Q6. There are so many fitness related news articles, reports, and experts. What do you tell the women in your classes about the variety of different sources of information that they can read or hear?

Information is power.  I recommend researching everything you read.  If you hear about the newest and greatest thing,research, find out all the info on it.  Do not believe everything you read, a lot of things are targeted directly at women to get your money.  I always tell them, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Do your research.

Q7. These days we see so many people wanting to get “skinny,” in your opinion, what is the difference between “skinny” and “fit?”

Oh boy, this is a big pet peeve of mine. Skinny does not mean healthy and you can be skinny fat.  Just because you are skinny does not mean that your body is healthy on the inside.  Skinny is focusing on how you look from the outside.  Getting skinny is not going to make you happy.  I hear all the time,  “When I get to 120 lbs I will be happy…”  No you will not be, women are never satisfied.  You will continue to point out every flaw that you have. Women need to change their focus of I want to be skinny, weigh a certain weight, etc to – I want to be FIT! Fit both in the mind and body.  Fit changes your quality of life. It allows you to do things that you never thought were possible.  Fit helps you feel better about yourself.  Fit gives you goals to work for.  Fit helps your body to work in the way that you were designed to work. Fit helps ward off diseases like Type II diabetes,  heart disease, and obesity.  You need to lift weights.  Ladies, stop believing that nonsense that you are going to get bulky.  You are not going to get bulky!  You need to eat healthy, avoiding processed foods, sugars, etc.  We are talking bout your LIFE.  We are talking about the only body you are going to have.  Treat it right, nourish it the way it should be nourished, move it, lift weights. Your goal should not be to get skinny! Your goal should be to get fit, both on the inside and out.

Q8. Being such a fitness minded person, what do you do to stay motivated?

I look at my family.  I want to be around to enjoy them for a long time. I look at older people and the health problems that they have, most of them are lifestyle problems that they have created by choosing to abuse their bodies over and over. I want to age gracefully, I want to live life to the fullest, I want to still be able to do my normal every day activities when I am older. I want to live lift to the fullest.  It is the only life I will ever have.  I am not going to waste it.

Q9. If you could give just one piece of fitness advice to people, what would be the advice you give?

Move,  Every day move.  Find something you enjoy doing and move your body.

Q10. What are some of your personal fitness goals for the rest of 2013?

Complete my first Half Marathon
Complete 10 pull ups
Run a 23 min 5K

One of many class options that BBFC offers.

One of many class options that BBFC offers.

Thanks Bethany!

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