2013 Goals

As 2012 comes to an end, it’s now time to make new goals for 2013. I like making goals and not resolutions, because simply, resolutions are so… resolute. To me resolutions are for people who are looking to achieve that specific resolution and then stop. Goals are something you drive for until you reach them, granted you find out more about yourself along the course of attaining those goals. Most of the time, you typically exceed your goals.

A quick look back at 2012 and some of my accomplishments:

  • Exceeded my goal of 1000 running miles for the year (1056.61 to be exact).
  • Became a member of Team Wheaties.
  • Completed my first ever 24-hour event (SCTNow.org 24-hour run with Stephen M.). 
  • Successfully ran the 24-hour event, 2 50k races, 2 half marathons, a few 5k races.
  • Lead not one, but two coach to 5k style training groups and started a 3rd group at the end of the year.
  • Last, but certainly not least, built a stronger bond with my wife and daughter this year.

My 2013 goals:


  • 2000 running miles.
  • Successfully complete at least two 50k, two 50m, and one 100m event.
  • Attempt MMTR again this year and make up for my DNF from two years ago.
  • Successfully Direct my first race, FATS 50K.
  • Continue to build my relationship with my wife and daughter.
  • Blog more consistently.
  • Continue to build on the fitness gains I’ve made this past year.
  • Cut out sugars and processed foods as much as possible.

2000 Miles – This will be my biggest task. Logging the miles is easy, finding the motivation at times is the hard part. This goal comes down to 167 miles a month minimal.

Complete races – Harbison 50k 1/5/12, going to attempt to register for the following: Promise Land, Cremator, MMTR, and a 100 mile race yet to be determined. I had to DNF MMTR two years ago due to a calf injury, I want to go back and finish this course!

Directing FATS 50K – 2012 saw the announcement that Terri H. was no longer going to be putting on this great event at the Forks Area Trails System trails here in the Augusta area. I asked Terri for the rights to the event so I could continue to hold this great 50k in October.

Continue to build relationships – My wife and daughter are the most important things in my life. far greater than work, running, racing, etc. I want to continue to be the husband and father that they expect me to be. What does this mean? To me it means making it less about me and more about them. If I have to skip a race to spend time with them, so be it. If I have to put off friends for their sake, so be it.

Blog more – I will be the first to admit, I suck at writing and finding things to talk about. But I want to grow in this aspect and the only way I can see growth is by doing the uncomfortable.

Build on Fitness gains – 2012 was the first time that I started working out with a personal trainer. What I found was that while I was doing the weights workouts right, I wasn’t doing them in a manner that lead to visible results.

Cut out sugars and processed foods – While I realize that cutting sugar out entirely is almost impossible, I can limit the intake as much as I can. Cutting out processed foods, can be just as tough but manageable. My motto for this process “More on the outside aisles and less on the inside aisles” at the grocery store. Outside aisles: Produce, Meats counters, dairy/frozen foods. Inside aisles: Think cardboard boxed items.

So there you have it, my 2013 goals. Tell me, what are your 2013 goals?





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