First Run After Injury

Last night was my first run back from injury and I was…nervous. I’ve taken breaks from running before. During the summer of 2011 I stopped running at the end of May and didn’t run again until the end of August. That time off was for personal reasons and was a much needed time of reflection. But this time was different. This time was my first time taking more than a few days off to recover. I knew it was in me to be able to run but I was unsure if my foot would cooperate. I knew that I would not have lost that much endurance after taking just a couple weeks off, especially since I’ve hit the gym pretty hard during this off time.

As I prepped to start running, I honestly had butterflies in my stomach. Was it because I was scare that my foot wouldn’t be ready? Was I just defeating myself before I even tried? Not really sure. I do know that having the two runners I am coaching to their first half marathon and my buddy there took some of the edge off. I was able to talk to them about what they needed to do prior to starting. Maybe that helped. Having them there helped me mentally.

What I do know is that for the first lap around the track, I was holding back, being very cautious. The second lap, the tension eased up. By the time I hit the third lap, I was ready to open it up. The third, forth, fifth, and sixth laps I was doing some fartleks. I would easy run the turns and blast the straights. I ran the 1.5 miles in 13:30, an average pace of 9 minutes flat.

I’m glad I got that first run out of the way. Now I can’t wait to run again!


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I enjoy the challenges of training and racing with my girlfriend.
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3 Responses to First Run After Injury

  1. Runner Dad says:

    It’s always a bit scary coming back from an injury, but as long as you don’t over do it you’ll be great! And by the way, thanks for the link in the side bar to my blog!

  2. dnancejr says:

    Thanks! I’m hoping I can come back stronger than ever. time to work on speed this season. You’re welcome on the link! I’m happy to share other blogs!

  3. I know what you mean about the fear of anticipation upon a return after an injury. I experienced so many over the summer, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’ve recovered now, but I think the reason why I was having such issues over the summer was because it was the first time I was ever consistent with running! Now, I’m still nervous every time I go out for a run (my knee was the issue) but then the anticipation quits within the first half mile. Weird thing I do to myself, I guess.

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