The Three Ws… an eye opener

Some may have noticed, maybe not. I noticed and that’s what truly counts. I have been rather absent from most social media for the last week or so. Sure, I still posted to Facebook and made the occasional tweet. My Facebook fan page, my friends on twitter, dailymile and this blog was left alone. Why? I’m not sure. I think I was mentally unprepared for what happened last Sunday at the FATS 50K. 23 miles into the race I rolled my right ankle for the fifth time. This time was different from the first four times… IT HURT!!! I knew right away something was not right. I walk/ran the next two miles to the final aid station where I removed my shoe and addressed my foot pain. No visible signs of swelling or anything broken. I had a decision to make; drop there and record a DNF or push through the pain and finish the final 8 miles. Since the event is a grassroots style event with no cutoff times, I decided to push through, painfully. Aside from the first 1.5-2 miles, I walked the entire Great Wall loop. I finished with an abysmal 8:22:46. The result after consulting my friend, fellow runner, and podiatrist Kent… We believe it’s a stress fracture of the 4th metatarsal. Great…

Sure… I’ve had injuries before, but never one that was going to require me to not run for such an extended period of time. I wasn’t sure how to handle this. Most of my twitter friends are runners/athletes and the conversations usually revolved around the subject daily. My dailymile account is chock full of runners, triathletes, swimmers, etc. who post their awesome workouts. My fan page is about running. This blog is primarily about… you guessed it, running. I did not want to talk or think about running…until yesterday.

I went to the gym beside my store where I work out with a great group of trainers who are passionate about fitness and nutrition. I decided to do some bicep work since I can’t really do much with the legs at this point. While working out, a guy from the gym was talking to me. He gave me these words of advice: “Remember these three Ws. Worship. Work. Workout.”

Worship – Spend time daily in prayer.

Work – Put in a full day’s work that you can be proud of.

Workout – Take care of the one and only body you have been given.

I’m not really sure why this struck a chord in me but it did. Maybe it was the combination of the three Ws together with the emphasis on the workout W. I could have continued to sulk about my foot. But really, what good is it going to do? NOTHING! I realized that this was time to focus on the rest of my body while my foot heals. I will come out on the other side stronger than before.

Now, I’m looking forward to interacting with everyone again. I look forward to talk to others about running. I look forward to my next gym session while I patiently wait for my foot to heal.


About dnancejr

I enjoy the challenges of training and racing with my girlfriend.
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3 Responses to The Three Ws… an eye opener

  1. JenJ says:

    That’s the right mindset. It’s all about positivity! Welcome back. 🙂

  2. dnancejr says:

    Thanks Jen! I’m glad to be back! 🙂

  3. koolclipz says:

    Reblogged this on koolclipz and commented:
    True Story

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