Product Review: Kool Clipz

I’ve had the opportunity to try out a neat little product that not only a runner can really appreciate but anyone who wears in-ear headphones on a regular basis. The product is called Kool Cl!pz. Have you ever had your ear buds pull out because the cable pulled down? Have you turned your head and have one of the ear buds pull out? Do you hear the “cable bounce” in your ears while running? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest you give Kool Cl!pz a try.

I’ve had a few conversations with Kool Cl!pz creator, David Clark. David’s story of how the product came about is pretty remarkable. In 2010, David and family fell victim to the economy and had to make a fresh start. In 2011, while working different jobs to make ends meet, David came up with the idea to fix the problem of his ear buds always falling out, pulling tight, or having to adjust them when people came up to talk to him. David made a few attempts out of popsicle sticks and various pins and clips. After his daughter Alyssa said “Dad, just make it our business,” David used these words from his daughter as encouragement to start the process. Initially, David made several prototypes, 8 to be exact. By the second prototype, David knew which direction he wanted to take in making this product.

Inspired by Alyssa on every package.

Post recycled material used in the packaging and the product.

The product is made in America with post recycled plastics. Their website is ran by 100% wind power. The Kool Cl!pz came to the market around the first of this year. David, his family, and investors are taking their own approach to marketing the product. Promoting the Kool Cl!pz via twitter (@KoolClipz), Facebook, tumblr, pinterest, and their business website is the primary method with a few retail locations in their area selling the product.

The basics:

You cross your ear bud wires over each other and slip the clip over them, settling the wires in the top of the clip. Then you slip the lightweight clip over your shirt collar; before you push the clip all the way down, you will need to adjust the cables to the length you desire. Finish with pushing the clip all the way down and you’re set to go.

Locked in, cable length adjusted.

For $9.99 you get the headphone clip and three faceplates. Currently, you can find several different faceplate options with many more in the works. I went with the Comet Blue pack. David has plans to get all major sports teams on the faceplates.


I’ve completed three runs while wearing the Kool Cl!pz. I ran 13.5 on Sunday, 10 Tuesday, and 8 this morning. Not once during any of these runs did I have to adjust the cables, hear the “cable bounce,” or have the ear buds pulled out from turning my head. Well worth the investment in my opinion. And to be honest, I’m more likely to run with music now than before since I used to get irritated with the pulls, cable bounce, and having to adjust the individual ear buds.


Pay no attention the half awake guy in the above pictures. I will share a little secret; even thought I’m an early morning runner, sometimes 4:30 am and I just don’t get along.

8 miles done and no issues from the headphones.

My final thoughts:

The lightweight Kool Cl!pz is well worth the $9.99 investment to reduce the numerous issues that can come along with wired ear buds. I’m sold on them and will be using a Kool Cl!pz whenever I wear ear buds going forward. I’ll be getting a couple clips to give to my wife, daughter, and running buddy Brannon.

Please check out Kool Cl!pz on the many outlets list above and let David and crew know I sent you there!


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I enjoy the challenges of training and racing with my girlfriend.
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    We are super stoked you like it! Appreciate the write up and look forward to the future!

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    Follow David Nance on his way to 100 miles in 24hrs, All while wearing Kool Clipz!

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